The Never - Antarctica Book/CD

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Antarctica is a full album by The Never, accompanied by a 50 page illustrated storybook. Both the album and the book can be appreciated together and separately. The book was illustrated and written by guitarist Noah Smith.

"Confident, competent, and altogether charming."
-Delusions of Adequacy

"The blend of indie rock and chamber pop on The Never's concept album Antarctica is always grand but never grandiose: Every note is deployed in the interest of making the melodies as unforgettable as possible."
-Brian Howe, The Independent

"There's something instantly endearing about a band that intentionally bucks trends. The inherent bravery required to step apart from the pack can be irresistible, especially when the music by the band in question is top-shelf quality."

"The CD is fantastic—it’s poppy and orchestral in all the right places."
-Pop Matters

"[The Never] had their go at a concept album, and, not only do they nail the mark, they’ve practically reinvented the idea."

"Smith is an unheard of triple threat in rock: singer songwriter, children's author and illustrator."
-Creem Magazine

"If you are not moved one way or another by Antarctica, you are not human."
-Transform Online

1. Summer Time
2. On a Mountain
3. Leaves Start to Fall
4. Summer Girl/Old Man Winter
5. March of the Minions
6. Farm Land
7. Searching and Chasing
8. Cavity
9. The Winter's Coming
10. Antarctica
11. The Sharpest Place
12. The Witch
13. Bomber Pilot
14. Snow Starts to Fall
15. Winter Time

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