Endless Mic - Baby Geniuses CD

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Rappers have effectively reduced themselves to a group of outspoken babies. Chapel Hill/Greensboro, NC based trio Endless Mic humbly include themselves in this pack of infants, but what sets emcees Zano and Stu! and producer Deez apart is that they are, quite simply, better than the rest. “Baby Geniuses”. Devoid of self-righteous jabs at the mainstream and lackluster yearnings for Golden Age boom-bappery, Endless Mic fashions a truly refreshing creation, turning its back on both extremes of hip-hop culture and making “rap for rap’s sake”. Notice the tongue placed firmly in cheek as cliche rap-isms are recontextualized into the jokes they truly are.

"The best hip-hop tracks released this year."
-Blog Soup

"This melodic blend of hip-hop, glam and 2-step, combine to make wicked beats and lyrics that will linger in your head for days."

"'Baby Geniuses' belongs in every accomplished and admirable CD collection."
-Shari Tate

"Emcees Bell and Maiani aren't just flaccid imitations of their idols...They're not as interested in telling you about their skill as often as they are showing it."
-Grayson Currin, The Independent

"'Baby Geniuses' somehow manages the admirable feat of creating an indie album that in no way sounds like one."
-Triad Weekly

1. Academia
2. A Track Called Intro
3. Michael (ft. Calee Salem & Maggie Jane)
4. Club Endless
5. Zip Zap Rap (ft. Crash)
6. Saturday Night
7. Moving Up
8. Sweet & Lowdown
9. Watching Your World
10. Step Correct (ft. Absalute)
11. You Plus You
12. When I See You
13. One Day at a Time (ft. Big Remo)

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