Embarrassing Fruits - Frontier Justice LP/CD/MP3

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This album comes in Trekky Records' signature 3-part package: a vinyl record, compact disc and MP3 download, all in one. We hope this format will let you enjoy the album in every different way you listen to music, and we've priced it so that it is still affordable even if you don't have a record player, CD player or MP3 player.

In many ways, Frontier Justice is the first fully realized album from the band. After a series of line-up changes, album delays and promising EPs, this will be the first timely artistic statement from a now permanent trio: Joe Norkus, Lee Shaw and John Neville. Bassist Lee Shaw has risen to become an equal creative force in the band, which was previously an outlet for only Joe Norkus' catchy, textural rock songs. Shaw composed almost half of the songs on Frontier Justice, bringing his love for classic rock and aggressive pop into the deepening inventory of Fruits' strengths as rock songwriters. Both Norkus and Shaw expound upon the frustrations and joys of navigating the nebulous world of late 20s life in the over saturated, vanishing frontier of America.

"On Frontier Justice, Embarrassing Fruits take a genre that once symbolized local music and revitalizes it for a new audience."
-The Daily Tar Heel

"Embarrassing Fruits' most confident and mature effort."
-The Independent

Side A
1. Alien Bodies
2. Long Distance Breakup Summer
3. Car
4. Soda Jerk
5. Vanishing Frontier
6. Still Waiting
7. Someday

Side B
8. 2 Birds
9. Illuminati Rock
10. Drunkland
11. Slow Down
12. Total Betty
13. Sugar Train
14. Can't Love

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