Embarrassing Fruits - Community/Exploitation CD

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The Fruits released their first EP, The First Time, in the summer of 2008 to somewhat unexpected acclaim. The home recorded, handmade EP was not only received with positivity and excitement from the local community, but also turned a few heads nationally. Over the following months the band's loud, energetic live show won audiences over, garnering praise from regional press outlets nearly every time they played. The First Time served as an introduction to the band's chemistry and frontman Joe Norkus' solid, honest, and off-the-cuff songwriting. On March 24th, 2009, Embarrassing Fruits' debut full-length Community / Exploitation will expound upon the foundation laid down by the The First Time EP.

Community / Exploitation spans several years of output from The Fruits, hashed out in various living rooms and practice spaces, and recorded with old friend Jay Murphy (Des Ark, Black Taj, Hammer No More the Fingers) in the Summer of 2007. The album was recorded at a break-neck speed in the sweltering heat of July, the tension and urgency of the sessions seeping into the lively, raw takes. Community / Exploitation also shows the range and dynamic of Embarrassing Fruits' material. The album covers a lot of ground, from the anthemic nostalgia of 'Details' to the brutal throbbing of 'I Thought I Was Bleeding...' to the experimental pop palettes of 'Corner' to the thrashing energy of 'Go There', all the while retaining a common voice. While the Fruits' formula is seemingly simple, Community / Exploitation's songs and performances reveal something new and exciting with each listen.

"A perfect bridge between the band's youthful reverie and its incoming experience, between its '90s rock reverence and its own personal advancement."
-The Independent

"The latest and greatest in new local releases."
-The News & Observer

"Community / Exploitation vividly embodies the experience of having gone through the trials and tribulations of growing up...4 out of 5 stars."
-The Daily Tar Heel

"Highly recommended."

"Community / Exploitation swings like a pendulum from heartbreak to progress to screaming to coos."
-Radio Free Chicago

"The fact that Embarrassing Fruits’ first LP is in every way on par with the excellent quality of last year’s The First Time is no surprise."
-The Daily Tar Heel

1. Concord
2. Corner
3. Details
4. Go There
5. Like That
6. Nakata
7. Pizzakit
8. I Thought I Was Bleeding...
9. Vacations

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