Butterflies - Residual Child LP/CD/MP3

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This album comes in Trekky Records' signature 3-part package: a vinyl record, compact disc and MP3 download, all in one. We hope this format will let you enjoy the album in every different way you listen to music, and we've priced it so that it is still affordable even if you don't have a record player, CD player or MP3 player.

Residual Child is the statement that's been at the tip of Butterflies' tongues. Painstakingly crafted over the last 8 months by lead Butterfly Josh Kimbrough and producer Patrick Jones, Residual Child is a true studio album. Jones became such an integral force in the recording process, that he actually ended up joining the band, bringing his nuanced ear for synth textures and dynamics to an already preturnaturally tight trio. Beautiful washes of keyboards, pedal steel, organ, stylophone and electronic sound manipulations create a sonic pallete brimming with possibilites. Meanwhile, bassist Ross Connolly and drummer TJ Maiani provide a flexible backbone for Kimbrough's compositions, blending the telepathic chemistry of a vintage Blue Note rhythm section with the restrained innovation of experimental, Chicago art-rock. Kimbrough's songwriting has never been more focused, dealing intimately with his personal thoughts, struggles and philosophies. Residual Child is a record about finding joy in simplicity, allowing the complications of life to melt away and reveling in simple, poignant gestures. Kimbrough is a master of specificity, detailing precise internal conflicts without being self indulgent, leaving the interpretation up to the listener. Its all about the little things on Residual Child.

"Refreshingly mature and grounded, Butterflies' Residual Child is a satisfying step forward."
-The Independent

"A fantastic album that showcases the best of what they do."
-The Bottom String

Side A
1. Serious Fun
2. Sunday Afternoon
3. Goodbye (Like A Stranger)
4. Forklift
5. Guitarist's Theme

Side B
6. Guitarist
7. Sleepless
8. Tired Pose
9. Nothing To Lose
10. Canteen

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