Trekky Records is an independent record label based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The label was created in 2001 by Chapel Hill natives Martin Anderson and Will Hackney as an outlet for their friends’ music. The label has since grown into a prominent musical collective, known for releasing albums in a signature 3-part format which includes a vinyl record, a compact disc and an MP3 download.



Martin Anderson and Will Hackney met at McDougle Middle School in Chapel Hill, NC, when Anderson was 12 and Hackney was 14. The pair bonded over their love of punk rock, and also their membership in the relatively small community of middle-schoolers who had started their own bands. Inspired by the DIY origins of some of their favorite independent labels, they started Trekky Records as a way to release their own music and the music of their friends and heroes. Anderson and Hackney started by booking shows at local book stores, pizzerias, fire stations and teen centers, releasing homemade CD-Rs and sending sampler compilations to local radio stations.

When Hackney began attending Chapel Hill High School in 2001, he and Anderson were introduced to an array of musicians that would become longtime collaborators, both musically and in the business of the label. Hackney met Emma Nadeau, his castmate in the high school musical, who would later become an integral part of the label management, as well as a member of Lost in the Trees. Anderson began attending shows of the local band Vibrant Green, and a friendship blossomed with the Tunnell Brothers (Stephen, Jonny, Joah) who would go on to become part of the collective, and members of The Never and Lost in the Trees. Both Anderson and Hackney saw a preternaturally gifted band called Westfalia in a high school talent show, whose members Josh Kimbrough and Joe Norkus went on to create half a dozen different bands under the Trekky label. This wealth of unorganized talent inspired Anderson and Hackney to spend every spare moment working on the label, releasing over 20 albums and EPs before the pair left high school, and planning their post-education lives around the activity of the collective.

As the collective grew, Trekky Records became inextricably entwined with the increasingly active and diverse music scene in the Piedmont of North Carolina, generally referred to as the Triangle. The label hosted the annual Christmas at the Cradle show, an opportunity for local musicians to reinterpret holiday music, and started TRKfest, an outdoor summer music festival held at a bio-fuel plant in Pittsboro, NC. With these collaborative events, new members of the Trekky Collective were found, with already established artists like Brice Randall Bickford, Phil Cook, and Midtown Dickens joining the label. These new relationships formed the basis of the second wave of Trekky Records artists, providing the groundwork for releases with Sylvan Esso, Loamlands, Phil Cook, and more.

Trekky Records remains an outlet for a group of like-minded and collaborative artists to create and release music. The family never stops growing.



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