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By Julius Reid | Last Updated on Nov 14, 2021

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A Detailed List of Top 1 Video Walls / Modules in 2021

#TOP 1

Novastar VX4S All-in-1 Controller / LED Video Processor with SDI

25 x 6 x 15 inches
12.57 pounds

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TR score rating icon 9.9


Adjustable Location And Size Of PIP
Support Multiple Controller Montage For Large Screens
HDMI/External Audio Input
10Bit/8Bit HD Video Source
System Can Be Configured Using 1 Knob, And 1 Button
Adjustable Location And Size Of PIP
Support Multiple Controller Montage For Large Screens
HDMI/External Audio Input
10Bit/8Bit HD Video Source
System Can Be Configured Using 1 Knob, And 1 Button

Best Video Walls / Modules — FAQ

How do video walls work?

A video wall is a multi-display wall that's created by joining multiple screens together to display a larger image or windows of multiple images. The display technology can be LCD or LED panels, tiles, cubes, or projection screens.The application will drive what type of video wall you choose.

And, how does LED video wall work?

LED technology is used for video walls because each LED display is capable of generating sharp, bright images. Instead of relying on backlit images, LEDs produce their own brightly lit images and deliver the best refresh rates of any video wall technology.

Thus, what is a video wall used for?

A video wall is a group of video displays tiled together to create a single, large display surface. It also includes the hardware and software that enable the screens to work together seamlessly, acquire dynamic and static content, and control when and where content appears on the wall.

Next, what is a LED video wall?

LED video walls are comprised of Direct View LED displays (also called DV) that work together as a unit to display content as if it were a single screen. LED screens are incredibly efficient because each component is responsible for conducting and emitting its own light.

Meanwhile, what is the resolution of a video wall?

Some common display resolutions referenced within the professional AV industry include: Full HD (high definition) = 1920 x 1080, often referred to as 1080p. Ultra HD = 3840 x 2160. 4K = 4096 x 2160.

Likewise, how do I determine the resolution of a video wall?

The 'resolution' of a video-wall is its total width and height in terms of pixels.
This gives a bezel-adjusted resolution as follows:

  1. Wall width in pixels = 1920 + 360 + 1920 = 4200.
  2. Wall height in pixels = 1080 + 360 + 1080 = 2520.
  3. Bezel-adjusted resolution = 4200 x 2520.

However, what is a video wall processor?

Briefly defined, a video wall processor (sometimes referred to as a video wall controller) is a piece of software (often installed on a hardware unit) that allows the management of content on multiple monitors in a multi-monitor display or video wall, as a single canvas.

Moreover, what is video wall in CCTV?

All three labels may describe surveillance videowalls - vast arrays of monitors used to display hundreds of camera outputs and other security information. They provide an efficient way to display video for large groups of people. However, the numbers of end users adopting traditional video walls is shrinking.

Indeed, when were video walls invented?

One of the first products to appear was from Pioneer around 1989. This was soon joined by products from Electrosonic, Sony, Toshiba, Electrohome, Barco, Gundermann and others. The cube consisted of a CRT projector mounted in an enclosure fitted with, typically, a 41 inch diagonal rear projection screen.

Still, what is a digital wall?

Digital information Wall is a touchscreen signage that allows users to intuitively select and closely view the works that catch their eye from among large quantities of images. It can be used to showcase almost anything, such as artworks, products, history, and local information.

Similarly, how much does LED panel cost?

10,000 to Rs. 15000 for a 32-inch Full HD LED TV screen replacement and for a 40-inch to 50-inch Full HD screen, this will go upto Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Our Verdict

With so many Video Walls / Modules available, it's difficult to know which one is best. Fortunately, our research team compiled an unbiased list of 1 best Video Walls / Modules that will fit every budget. During this study there were over 45263 products across 1 brands. Our verdict: most customers choose Video Walls / Modules with an average price tag of $1919!

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