The Future of Video

January 25th, 2008

So I finally figured out how to get video from the camera to the computer! I know…behind the times. Anyways, this is good for you because it means we can upload many glorious things to the YouTube. So stay tuned here for frequently added video clips of live performances, rehearsals, recording, building things and a whole lot of us screwing around!

Here’s a fine little clip to get you started off. It is Auxiliary House (our label house band/supergroup) on tour this past Summer, passing the time with a little sing-a-long of a song by one of our favorite ex-local musicians, David Karsten Daniels:

The Snowy Meadow!

January 23rd, 2008

We were treated to some long-awaited snow here in North Carolina. Here’s what it looked like in the meadow behind our house. Lovely!

To learn some fun facts about snow, click here.

All Hail The Rosebuds

January 17th, 2008

Wow. The Rosebuds put on a truly stellar show at the Cat’s Cradle last night! Kelly, Ivan, and Matt seemed to be having a blast and the crowd was more animated than most of the local crowds I’ve seen lately. The band played jams off all of their releases, as well as a personal favorite of mine, “Governor’s Daughter” from the first Pox Compulation. The night ended in a sing-along, back to back with a full-blown dance party to the song “Get Up, Get Out.” During the finale I saw some of the hottest dancing I’ve ever seen in the Triangle! Try and catch them at one of their upcoming shows:

1.17.08 – Rock & Roll Hotel – Washington DC
1.18.08 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
1.19.08 – Maxwell’s – Hoboken, NJ

Also, even though it’s all over the internet, check out their cover of Salt’n’Peppa’s “Push It.” That dog is amazing…

New Year, New Jams

January 16th, 2008

So one of my unspoken, pseudo “resolutions” for 2008 is to listen to more new music. I’ll periodically post my findings here. I’m not trying to be some cutting edge source for new jams, I’ll just post things I found/am into each week. I’ll start off with

1. Wye Oak — They just signed to Merge this past week and their debut, “If Children,” will come out in April. Vibrant Green had the pleasure of playing with them this past week and the Local 506 and it was a blast. Jenn and Andy put on a killer show and definitely won over everyone present. I’m sure it helped that their new Merge family was rolling deep and showing tons of support. I’m definitely looking forward to the next time they come through town as well as the record. Check out the song Warning!

2. Fleet Foxes — In March, Aux House is playing with Fleet Foxes and Blitzen Trapper at Local 506 and we could not be more excited. I got really into Blitzen Trapper’s “Wild Mountain Nation” towards the end of 2007, but just heard Fleet Foxes the other day. I’ve only heard a couple jams, but I’m really in love with what I’ve heard. Those vocals fucking kill me! Especially the song Oliver James. Take a listen! I’m really excited to play with these guys!

3. Transit Union — 2008 started out with a bang when Transit Union finally put out some recorded material. These guys are really good friends of mine and I’ve been waiting for some recordings since the summer. The band is comprised of former Strunken White members Nagendra Jayanty, Noah Howard (also of Tiger Bear Wolf and Marijuana Wolf) and John Booker (also of I Was Totally Destroying It and Erie Choir), as well as Trekky Records manager/Aux House member Will Hackney. Head on over to their myspace and listen to their new demos.

4. Jason Anderson — My introduction to the wonderful Jason Anderson was the Wolf Colonel record “Vikings of Mint,” loved him ever since. I apparently missed out on this live album he put out last year called “Tonight.” So far I really love it, pretty Springsteeny and fun. Check Saturday Night. According to the K website, Jason’s got a new studio album coming out in April…very exciting. Also check out his pretty much daily song installment on his myspace!

5. Grizzly Bear- “Graceland” — Found this on the Grizzly Bear Blog the other day. A kind of cool, rough but still pretty take on one of my favorite songs.

Xmas Wrap-up

January 15th, 2008

I know it’s been a little bit, but we’d like to thank everyone, once again, that came out to this year’s Christmas at the Cradle. It was a huge success and a wonderful time as always. We can’t wait for next year! We have a little media from the show we’d like to share. We’ll start off with a little video that Lost in the Trees/Trekky Yuletide Orchestra cellist Leah Gibson made. It’s just a little footage from rehearsals/preparations/radio promos we did for the Christmas show, set to TYO’s original “Christmas Like No Other.”

One of my personal highlights of Chirstmas show was Portastatic’s killer set. Here’s Mac performing Joni Mitchell’s “The River.” Thanks to Triangle Rock for posting the video.