Trekky Records/Auxiliary House’s very own Jon Mackey recently did a commercial for local record store Schoolkids Records. The commercial also features Sweater Weather’s Casey Trela. Check it out:

TRK Getting Some Love

March 12th, 2008

Trekky artists had some really fun local shows last week, and we got a little love from the local press. Check out the Diversions review and photos of the Auxiliary House, These United States, and Sweater Weather show at the Nightlight here. Also, check out a review/photo set from the Lost in the Trees/Matt Pond PA show at the Cradle via Triangle Music, here.

Obama meets with Trekky Management in the meadow behind their house in Chapel Hill.

After months of intense deliberation, and visits from presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and (Google) Ron Paul, Trekky Records has decided to endorse Senator Barack Hussein Obama for President of the USA. The much sought after Trekky endorsement generally ripples out into a 3 or 4 point jump in the polls, so we hope to see Obama’s numbers increase in the coming weeks.

Endless Mic Owns

March 4th, 2008

“Show me an Endless Mic video, and I’ll show you a show I wish I was at”

Check out this interview that Jonny and Noah from The Never, and Adam from Annuals did with American Songwriter Magazine on the first night of their Fall US tour. The result is quite enjoyable, check it out here!