The Return Of Westfalia

Before Butterflies and Embarrassing Fruits, there was Westfalia. Started as a side project from their other high school band, Westfalia was a beautiful mess of clever lyrics and guileless experimentation that in some ways may only be possible when you are a teenager, growing up and learning what music can be. Westfalia was one of the chief reasons the Trekky Records was created, when we saw the raw genius of our high school mates and wanted to make sure it was documented and distributed. Now, nearly 10 years later, members Josh Kimbrough, Joe Norkus and Bobby Britt are reforming, playing a reunion show and releasing a 2 song cassette tape. We were surprised to hear the news, but then again, its part of the reputation of Westfalia to expect the unexpected.

Sleep Talking / Worth The Wait will be released tomorrow, April 19. The cassette tapes are hand-numbered and feature two new Westfalia songs, one composed by Josh Kimbrough of Butterflies and one by Joe Norkus of Embarrassing Fruits. You can order one now from the Trekky Records Online Store, or pick one up in NC record stores tomorrow. The songs will also be available for download.

The band will be playing a single reunion show tonight in Carrboro, NC, at Johnny’s, where the new tapes will also be available. For a intimate look into the process of the reformation and the creation of the new songs, scope this Trekky Records produced video experience:

And you can stream the songs here: