Mortar And Pestle


Growing up in a vibrant local music community like Chapel Hill, guitarist Josh Kimbrough and bass player Joe Norkus formed a close friendship, going to see many of their favorite bands, which happened to be based in the same area. Bands such as The White Octave, Sorry About Dresden, and Fin Fang Foom served as a group of independent musicians unknowingly acting as role models for the two anxious youths. Kimbrough and Norkus began making music, inspired by the lo-fi brilliance of Archers of Loaf and Polvo, as well as Chicago bands like The Promise Ring and CaP’n Jazz. The pair formed two bands (Straight No Chaser and Westfalia) before they relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina, to attend college. Both began working at the campus radio station, WUAG, and practicing in the music building where they met a quiet, talented piano player named Katie Zickefoose, who quickly joined their newly formed band, Mortar and Pestle. It would not be long before they happened upon the controlled energy of local drummer Peter Lewis, who was also the head percussionist at UNCG’s prestigious music school at the time. Mortar and Pestle was finally whole when Kimbrough assumed role of lead singer. After a series of demo recordings and a run of shows that established the band as Greensboro’s premier live act, the band released Oak in the Acorn. In the Summer of 2006, Mortar and Pestle decided to disband in favor of other projects. Josh Kimbrough went on to work on his solo project, Butterflies. Joe Norkus began playing with drummer John Neville and formed the band Embarrassing Fruits.

“A classic indie pop sound that never gets old.”

-Kinki Oragami

“Off-kilter, sing-songy indie-rock whose anthemic tendencies are nicely undercut by some pleasantly raw edges.”

-Triangle Rock

“Inventive and original.”

-Go Triad