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Lost in the Trees and Endless Mic in Local Top Ten Lists

2008 was a great year for us here at Trekky Records. We released five very different and very special albums and EPs. What’s more, those releases were in amazing company, with the dozens of other amazing albums released by North Carolina artists in 2008. With such capable “competition” we were happy to see some TRK releases included in some Top 10 of 2008 lists.

Raleigh radio station WKNC included Lost in the TreesAll Alone in an Empty House in their Top 10 Daytime Albums of 2008, in humble company with some of our favorite bands from all over.

The Daily Tar Heel
also published their Top 10 North Carolina releases of 2008, which included Lost in the Trees’ All Alone in an Empty House at number 5 as well as Endless Mic‘s The All New Super Exclusive Al Gore Bongwater Club Mixtape Volume One at number 10.

Thanks to everyone who listened in 2008, and here’s to a even more fruitful year in 2009.

“The All New Super Exclusive Al Gore Bongwater Club Mixtape Volume One”

Endless Mic and Trekky Records are proud to announce the release of the “All New Super Exclusive Al Gore Bongwater Mixtape Volume One.” The mixtape reflects some material the boys found time to record during their hectic schedules supporting their most recent release, “Baby Geniuses.” Written and recorded over the course of a month, much of the mixtape features first-take verses, spontaneously composed during late night recording sessions. Listeners may recognize re-imaginings of beats from the likes of Daft Punk, Missy Elliot, Pink Floyd, 50 Cent, and others. “Al Gore Bongwater Club” also includes contributions from Geechi Suede of Camp Lo and FreeBass 808 (AKA the Apple Juice Kid), on a remix of “Brother” by Endless Mic’s hometown friends Annuals.

The mixtape, as a musical format, has always been a liberating medium, freeing up the artists from the constructs of standard LPs. The format is also a way to reach listeners and fans more directly. For that reason, “The All New Super Exclusive Al Gore Bongwater Club Mixtape Volume One” is available for download here right now, for free.

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